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Grace and Finn are two teenagers at St Peter’s High — both raised by loving and protective single parents, dealing with the challenges of growing up, and facing the disturbing social trend of ‘sexting’ that is sweeping through their year group. When Grace allows herself to be persuaded into a reckless course of action, events quickly spiral out of control. Faced with the firestorm that follows, both find themselves looking to firm principles of faith, friendship and family in order to make it through.

Do I? is an entertaining, gripping drama for young people (14+), with spoken word poetry and fast-paced dialogue, from talented new playwright Rachel Caffrey. Do I? debuted at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2022. Life Voice now presents special performances for secondary schools and colleges. The play introduces teenagers to issues such as consent and coercion, peer pressure, body image, and online safety — inspiring and empowering them in values of respect, responsibility, true love and healthy relationships.

Live Performances at the South London Theatre

South London Theatre, West Norwood, SE27 9NS
Bookings can be made via our website, by phone 020 7820 3141 or email

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