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Hear Me Out is a compelling full-length drama designed to be performed in schools and to audiences of young people, aged 14-21.

The play takes six real-life testimonies centering around crisis pregnancy and choices involving life and death, and transforms them into a powerful drama comprising six strangers from completely different walks of life, each facing their own ultimate dilemma, and whose lives cross one another at a hospital clinic. At the centre of their lives is abortion doctor, Dr. Lewis, who finds himself suddenly embroiled in an emotional journey, which leads him to re-evaluate his life and work. Along the way we encounter a teenage mum who chooses life for her disabled child against the odds; a young man struggling to deal with the decision his pregnant girlfriend has made; a teenage victim of coercion who makes a heroic choice; a young woman who faces the discovery that she was conceived in rape, and a midwife who finds herself having to make the difficult choice between her convictions and her job. Students will be captivated by these challenging, but genuine situations, and encouraged to consider and evaluate the surprising real-life outcomes.

Our package to schools includes a special performance of the pro-life drama, ‘Hear Me Out’, along with an interactive workshop with the actors and our specially trained youth leaders. Students have an opportunity to examine and explore, in a dynamic way, the issues raised by the performance in more depth. The session (split between drama performance and workshop) would typically be delivered over 2.5 hours, excluding breaks. There is also the option of just hosting a single full theatrical production of the play. Our website lifevoice.uk features many supporting educational tools which can be used in the classroom, including a full suite of video resources.

Available for schools in 2024/25, Life Voice visits delivering Hear Me Out! interactive video-based workshops. See Events page for details.

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